1. What is the “Wi-Fi.HK”?

    “Wi-Fi.HK” is a common Wi-Fi brand established to facilitate the public and visitors in locating and accessing the free public Wi-Fi services in Hong Kong. The scheme for this common Wi-Fi brand is a voluntary scheme. Through this scheme, both the public and private sectors who offer time-limited free of charge or completely free of charge Wi-Fi service can collaborate to provide easy access of free Wi-Fi services to the public and visitors. The hotspots under this brand can easily be found by searching the SSIDs carrying “Wi-Fi.HK” in the name. No registration is required to use these Wi-Fi services.

  2. What is the difference between Government Wi-Fi Programme and “Wi-Fi.HK”?

    Government Wi-Fi Programme (GovWiFi) provides completely free Wi-Fi service in government premises only. The “Wi-Fi.HK” is under a collaborative scheme jointed effort by the industry, public and private organisations, as well as the Government. GovWiFi is one of the participating parties under the Wi-Fi.HK. Therefore, “Wi-Fi.HK” will include more free public Wi-Fi hotspots and cover wider locations for easy access of free Wi-Fi services by local citizens and visitors in Hong Kong.

  3. Where can I find the hotspots under the “Wi-Fi.HK” brand?

    The “Wi-Fi.HK” hotspots are widely available across 18 districts in Hong Kong including telephone booths, coffee shops, convenience stores, shopping centres, and the government premises covered by the Government Wi-Fi Programme. Signage is posted in service venue of “Wi-Fi.HK”.

    Wi-Fi.HK signage

    You can download and install the Wi-Fi.HK mobile app or access the website wi-fi.hk (http://wi-fi.hk/en/Hotspot/Location) to search for the Wi-Fi.HK hotspots in Hong Kong.

  4. How can I find the “Wi-Fi.HK” hotspots near my current location?

    You can download the Wi-Fi.HK mobile app and use it to search the nearby hotspots under the Wi-Fi.HK at your current location. You can also find the hotspots in other locations using this mobile app.

    Using "Wi-Fi.HK" mobile app video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p7llloXeXVg (Cantonese with Chinese subtitles)

  5. How to get access to the list of Wi-Fi.HK hotspots?

    The details of the Wi-Fi.HK hotspots are available on the Wi-Fi.HK website (wi-fi.hk) and the Wi-Fi.HK mobile app.

  6. What are the SSIDs of hotspots under “Wi-Fi.HK”?

    Each service provider has its SSID under the Wi-Fi.HK scheme. The format of SSID is “Wi-Fi.HK via <name of service providers>”. For example, “Wi-Fi.HK via GovWiFi” is the SSID of hotspots under GovWiFi.

  7. Do I need any registration in order to use the Wi-Fi services under the “Wi-Fi.HK”?

    Registration is not required in using the Wi-Fi services under Wi-Fi.HK.

  8. What do I need in order to use the Wi-Fi service under “Wi-Fi.HK”?

    To connect to the free Wi-Fi services under Wi-Fi.HK, you just need a Wi-Fi enabled device that is compatible to IEEE 802.11 b/g/n standards and connect to the SSID that starts with “Wi-Fi.HK”. More details can be found in the user guide.

  9. Is it necessary to download the mobile app for Wi-Fi connection?

    No, there is no need to download or install the mobile app for using the Wi-Fi.HK service. You can refer to the "Instructions" for connecting to Wi-Fi.HK.

  10. How long is the free period for Wi-Fi.HK connection?

    It depends on the service provision by respective Wi-Fi service providers under the scheme. In general, each Wi-Fi device can connect to the Wi-Fi service of each service provider (per SSID) for at least 30 minutes per day. Some participating Wi-Fi service providers of the scheme provide completely free Wi-Fi services without time limit.

  11. Is there any encryption connection provided by Wi-Fi service providers under the Wi-Fi.HK scheme?

    No, only non-encrypted Wi-Fi connection is provided by the Wi-Fi service providers under the Wi-Fi.HK scheme.

  12. Why sometimes the signal strength is weak?

    The signal strength depends on a lot of factors, such as your position in the location, your mobile device and the orientation of your devices. Some less powerful mobile devices or notebook computers which are working under power saving mode may have a weak connection at some spots. You may try moving to areas with stronger Wi-Fi signal in order to have a stable Wi-Fi connection. Please remember to disconnect and reconnect the service after you have moved to use another nearest access point.

  13. How to join the Wi-Fi.HK scheme?

    Please go to Wi-Fi.HK website (under section "Joining Wi-Fi.HK") at http://www.wi-fi.hk/en/AboutUs/JoiningWiFiHK for details.